Resolution on HB423 2018-04-26

RESOLUTION; PASSED unanimously at the 2018-April-26th Meeting of the KRA
Proposed by Charlotte O’Hara, Third District KRA Vice Chair

Whereas HB423 undercuts parental rights with the involuntary employment of Social and Emotional Learning protocols on every student; and
Whereas HB423 under the guise of Social and Emotional Learning, allows for the government, from children’s earliest ages to adulthood, to attempt to determine children’s values and behaviors and to employ the mechanisms to modify children’s attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors – even without the parents’ knowledge or consent; and
Whereas HB423 provides for mental health intervention teams consisting of school district and community mental health agents acting outside explicit – and potentially contrary to – parent consent; and
Whereas HB423 encourages the establishment of clinics in schools and liaisons with community support services in order to give our children medical care (both physical and psychological) without the knowledge or consent of the parent; and
Whereas HB423 advances the slippery slope of providing children information contrary to parent direction, and dispensing birth control pills, abortifacients, etc.; and
Whereas HB423 encapsulates training for the workforce rather than education for liberation and freedom; and
Whereas HB423 fundamentally views citizens as compilations of data – brazenly obtained without explicit knowledge or consent of the individual simply because he is enrolled in a public program or education institution – for the deceitful ownership, benefit, and use by those other than the individual; and
Whereas HB423 promotes every child having an individualized “personal plan” to ensure each child meets government social emotional standards as mandated by the federal ESSA; and
Whereas HB423 necessarily results in high costs as a result of attempting to implement the federal ESSA and maintain database tracking and housing personal information on Kansas citizens; and
Whereas HB423 inherently regards Kansas citizens as human capital rather than human beings with “free will,” intellect, souls, and consciences; and
Whereas HB423 is constructed to meet the needs of government and business stakeholders rather than protect the right of individuals to pursue life, liberty and happiness; and
Whereas HB423 does not inherently provide for individuals to protect both their physical and intellectual property; and
Whereas HB423 is directly opposed to freedom of the individual and demeaning to the dignity of the individual; and
Whereas HB423 encompasses elements of a socialist state rather than the free republic of the United States of America; and
Whereas only parents are capable of loving their children the most and are best capable of determining and providing what is in the best interest of their children; and
Whereas parents must be allowed to protect their children from other interests and the government, including the myriad state agencies and institutions and the myriad community support services, pushing children in any direction; and
Whereas the Kansas Parental Right Act clearly states that parents shall retain the fundamental right to exercise primary control over the care and upbringing of their children.

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Kansas Republican Assembly does not endorse any Kansas legislator voting in favor of SB423.